Forgiven by the one I hurt the most, forgotten by the rest. Have I learned anything at all, time is the test. Patience will have to be my guide, in the end it will be. As Robert Plant sang long ago, rivers always meet the sea. I smile at all the good times, wince at … Continue reading Renaissance


Xenos and the Cure

In the beginning there was nothing forever, and as such it is in the end, it is the middle where all the chaos looms, this is where the trouble lives. My mouth, still stinging from the medication, acrid taste and dry, foundations rocked to the point of upheaval. Sometimes this is necessary, sometimes the only … Continue reading Xenos and the Cure


Maybe one day, one of them, any of them, will forgive me. Maybe one day, possibly, I could, forgive myself. Adorned fetishes, alters and shrines, for old memory. Encapsulated pity, false hope, put away, on a shelf. It's a nightmare, this I know Malicious seeds I will sow I try to stop this compulsion History … Continue reading Rémission

Dix Années

A decade, a century, and a day all as one Time frozen and speeding past faster than light All the misery, suffering and pain caused Must return to the source and do what is right Not for penance, not for forgiveness, not for gain To bring forth the demon, to be able to fight Stagnation … Continue reading Dix Années

Better Off

Battery, self inflicted busted dreams Old wounds reopen, with present salt Scraping off dried and cracked scabs Pain twice as good, it is all my fault Malignant tumors, riddle my spirit Emotional carcinoma growing inside Poison, medicine, it is all the same Fading away, slipping away, inside I hide Bruised and battered from the fall … Continue reading Better Off

Ultima Realizzazione

Drinking blind I see the light Drunken stupor to know what's right Dramatic pause subtle and so bright Dried eyes lack any more tears Numbing calm escape all my fears Sailed through with thousands of beers Poison glances I hear your words New gang Malicious hollow herds With volition new flock of birds I cry … Continue reading Ultima Realizzazione


Tunnel, dark and damp, empty, except for remorse Him, in the dire offal vomits, with all his force Every stone, carefully placed, lay prone, shit-faced Chrysalis of burden, Hate, lies and pity Transformation Adaption to the shitty Internal cages, layered emotion, struggle to fail, suffering devotion Break through the walls, find disappointing reality Find the … Continue reading Megamorphosis


Abyss inside, looking to fill no water, dry enough to kill Hollow hole, great disintegration Praise Bacchus, only integration Collections of people nature or steeple they feed the dark not even a spark Crushing heat, immense gravity event horizon, eternal depravity All good things, total oblivion Broken blessing, eternal dominion Amalgamation face hanging in space … Continue reading Well

Shaken, Not Stirred

Shaken, not stirred visibly disturbed Old is renewed coming unglued Desire a lie to touch the sky Poisonous salve health dissolve Masterpiece Disasterpiece Crushing links past sinks Plague spreads Off with their heads Crooked resolve off center revolve Patience ended past unmended Bleed it out Without a doubt In a panic hearing static Sickness within … Continue reading Shaken, Not Stirred

Os Fractum

Face to face two face no place Memorial of Misery Silent mask rests upon a burning inferno The blaze is obscured, there is still a glow Stress and heat causes a fracture Purposeful forge of demanufacture Stunned and broken, walking through a haze Lost and alone, trapped in this maze Bled dry, still there is … Continue reading Os Fractum