Decadence and Defiance

Though this is a continuation of the prior post, I will not call anything "part two" or the like, it seems to not do justice... Magdelena My dark haired beauty, my blue eyed cartoon character, save that you had pinkies, another detour on my path to Hell that which if I were wiser, I would … Continue reading Decadence and Defiance


The Wasteland Dreamworld

A human with a deep memory is always an echo chamber for personal pain. Me To close ones eyes and see the past so crisply is sort of like time travel were nothing you do, even though you could wish it different, changes a thing. Perhaps it needs to not be changed, perhaps you need … Continue reading The Wasteland Dreamworld

The Double Barreled Goddes Gun

How does one define attraction, is it even possible to sum all things and put them in words which give justice to the reality? How does one do it, without being violent? How does one exclude nicely? These are the thoughts which plague me while I contemplate writing about her, the one, the one who … Continue reading The Double Barreled Goddes Gun


We are sold a bill of goods, I am here to tell you it is a lie...   From an early age I could remember the praise of virtue, as time moved forward it became more apparent that it was never the virtue which rendered praise, but the appearance of such. Life, as it is … Continue reading Shamecation