Happenstance in Positives

I will keep the motion with the more brief encounters for now, time is not as available in the busy season. Antianara Gorgeous is an understatement to describe her, seemingly grey eyes and dark hair, infectious smiles hanging off high cheek bones. She moves with a grace and elegance unparalleled, truly deserving of the regal … Continue reading Happenstance in Positives


The Runaway

Goldie Her corn-silk hair, her hauntingly blue-green eyes, her graceful motion gave away what she really was; she was an angel, fallen from grace. She was sweet and innocent, well as innocent as a twenty something could be, but she had a shadow, I could feel it, I wanted to touch it, something that happened … Continue reading The Runaway

The Most Dangerous Game

Some of these are more difficult than others, it is not always easy to look back. Betty Many people live their entire lives behind masks, few have no mask, this one is not the only one who I have had experienced like this, but this was particular to her character. She was real, raw, completely … Continue reading The Most Dangerous Game

The Dark Night of My Soul

Continuance and continuity I trudge forward. Ardat Lili What a chance meeting, a person happening to be in the car with a friend looking for some entertainment, an accident that bled into 4 months. Her jet black hair, her almost grey eyes, aloof and alluring. There was something about her that made me unable to … Continue reading The Dark Night of My Soul