Seul, si froid et seul

It is probably far beyond the time he grew up, he has wasted his own time chasing everything and getting nowhere fast. He had better get used to his own company as this was the only one he would ever have. Some might say be happy you don't have to put up with blah blah … Continue reading Seul, si froid et seul

La Rue

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, that is complete bullshit said by people who know not what Hell truly is. The only distance good intentions will give you is regret, guilt and maybe, just maybe a glimpse of what Hell could be in the most watered down version. One can … Continue reading La Rue

Speculatam Mortis

A little side note, before you all get all I think I know what the title means. Latin is a complex language, the whole of the phrase changes the words. Literally this is mirrored death, but in the way Latin works it also means Mirrored Reflections, enjoy my poetic license or fuck off, either works for … Continue reading Speculatam Mortis

In Inanis

And lo, our fucked up feckless hero, adrift at sea after another misadventure in his own psychotic idiocy, must now venture back to the dark. After all it is his element, the cold shadows, the cul de sacs with that creepy house, the pitch of the starless night. He takes a piece of it with … Continue reading In Inanis


I am sorry, I think I owe everyone an apology. It has become very apparent that I am fucking insane, that I was only ever seeing something that was not there, and obviously I am fucked up. Maybe it is this sobriety, I was not like this when I was constantly stoned or drunk, who … Continue reading Désolé

Accedentque unum duo gradus retro

You still are crucifying me for my mistake that I had made, for moving too fast, if I broach the subject of getting to where we were before, you take out that rusty blade, and you cut. It was not me who suggested I keep you first, that was you, so forgive my confusion and … Continue reading Accedentque unum duo gradus retro

Ce qui est suffisant?

It has been my first sleep in a long time, maybe it was not the best way to achieve a semblance of centered peace, but in the utilitarian sense it worked. I did not view what troubled you the same as you did, but I corrected it, erased it from existence in every place but … Continue reading Ce qui est suffisant?


How could you be? He walks from the ashes of the world of used things, ghosts screaming his denunciations, in this ethereal sense made real, like faces pressing out of pure darkness. "You old thing" "Ugly" "Fat" "Dumb" "You were never enough" He never hated those voices, he loved them, he let them cover himself … Continue reading Nequam