Lupo Solo

Lupo Solo

Deep in the night, Dante sits at his table in the lounge, it is a quiet hole in the wall where one can disappear from the city for a while.


Ultima Realizzazione

Drinking blind I see the light Drunken stupor to know what’s right Dramatic pause subtle and so bright Dried eyes lack any more tears Numbing calm escape all my fears Sailed through with thousands of beers Poison glances I hear your words New gang Malicious hollow herds With volition new flock of birds I cry … Continue reading Ultima Realizzazione

Deuxième partie

Continued from Causeries d’un Cabochard Dante closes his eyes, breathes deep her fragrance, and it gets him high, "It is these moments, it is tactile is it not?" He slips around her, hand across her midsection, and he whispers in her ear, "When you can feel the fire someone ignites from deep within. The only action you … Continue reading Deuxième partie

Better Off

Battery, self-inflicted busted dreams Old wounds reopen, with present salt Scraping off dried and cracked scabs Pain twice as good, it is all my fault Malignant tumors, riddle my spirit Emotional carcinoma growing inside Poison, medicine, it is all the same Fading away, slipping away, inside I hide Bruised and battered from the fall Crushed … Continue reading Better Off


I lay Bewildered, Wide Eyed, Mouth Agape. Cold Silence Enraptures Me, Nothingness Rape. White Hot Blaze, Inferno: My Mind's Eye. Peace Within, My Goal, do or die. A Blank Slate, Emotionless, Free From Pain. Abnormal Passion, Remorse, Far From Sane. A balance is Key, Necessary: A careful Path. Half Human, Half Robot in the aftermath. … Continue reading Unchained


Maybe one day, one of them, any of them, will forgive me. Maybe one day, possibly, I could, forgive myself. Adorned fetishes, alters and shrines, for old memory. Encapsulated pity, false hope, put away, on a shelf. It’s a nightmare, this I know Malicious seeds I will sow I try to stop this compulsion History … Continue reading Rémission


Tunnel, dark and damp, empty, except for remorse Him, in the dire offal vomits, with all his force Every stone, carefully placed, lay prone, shit-faced Chrysalis of burden, Hate, lies, and pity Transformation Adaption to the shitty Internal cages, layered emotion, struggle to fail, suffering devotion Break through the walls, find disappointing reality Find the … Continue reading Megamorphosis