Maybe one day, one of them, any of them,
will forgive me.
Maybe one day, possibly, I could,
forgive myself.
Adorned fetishes, alters and shrines,
for old memory.
Encapsulated pity, false hope, put away,
on a shelf.

It’s a nightmare, this I know
Malicious seeds I will sow
I try to stop this compulsion
History repeats in revulsion

Maybe I did not know, but it doesn’t
change the fault.
Maybe I could have done different
accept and not exalt.
Not commit these atrocities, without
emotional assault.

It’s a nightmare, I realize
Forever tears in your eyes
So sorry for all the waste
My ashes leave a bitter taste

Changing over time, mutation,
still not done.
Locked in the dark, for so long,
forgotten the Sun.
I know my eyes will burn in the light
senses overrun.

It’s a nightmare, I am aware
I do not say this to scare
I beg and plead for it to drop
Cycles broken it needs to stop



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