Lupo Solo, Terza Parte

Continuation from Lupo Solo, Seconda Parte Old Joe continues drinking, remembering and seemingly deciding if he wants to talk to Dante with each sip. Dante sits quietly, enjoying the complexity of the wine, compounded by the ages since it was made. He considers how long it may have been in a cask, the possible centuries of … Continue reading Lupo Solo, Terza Parte


Lupo Solo, Seconda Parte

Continued from Lupo Solo Cafe corretto, a traditional after dinner cocktail was one of Old Joe's specialties, in truth everything Italian seemed to be, but this was Dante's favorite. It matched his affinity for coffee and the need for a stiff drink. The espresso was never fresh, but that was the point, it was Joe's take on … Continue reading Lupo Solo, Seconda Parte

Ultima Realizzazione

Drinking blind I see the light Drunken stupor to know what’s right Dramatic pause subtle and so bright Dried eyes lack any more tears Numbing calm escape all my fears Sailed through with thousands of beers Poison glances I hear your words New gang Malicious hollow herds With volition new flock of birds I cry … Continue reading Ultima Realizzazione

Deuxième partie

Continued from Causeries d’un Cabochard Dante closes his eyes, breathes deep her fragrance, and it gets him high, "It is these moments, it is tactile is it not?" He slips around her, hand across her midsection, and he whispers in her ear, "When you can feel the fire someone ignites from deep within. The only action you … Continue reading Deuxième partie

I had been writing…

A little here and a little there, I think I will c/p them here, maybe they are really a coherent tale my mind makes at random... He looks down at his hands, considers the wasted time, a gun in one hand and a cigarette in the other. People always take for granted the fights other … Continue reading I had been writing…