It is all that passes in my mind One question on a quest for an answer To bare witness of a kind Solve this riddle of a wayward romancer I Cry I Die For an answer to Why? Why was I so stupid? Why did she say that? Why didn’t I do this? Why did … Continue reading Idiocy



I lay Bewildered, Wide Eyed, Mouth Agape. Cold Silence Enraptures Me, Nothingness Rape. White Hot Blaze, Inferno: My Mind's Eye. Peace Within, My Goal, do or die. A Blank Slate, Emotionless, Free From Pain. Abnormal Passion, Remorse, Far From Sane. A balance is Key, Necessary: A careful Path. Half Human, Half Robot in the aftermath. … Continue reading Unchained


Maybe one day, one of them, any of them, will forgive me. Maybe one day, possibly, I could, forgive myself. Adorned fetishes, alters and shrines, for old memory. Encapsulated pity, false hope, put away, on a shelf. It’s a nightmare, this I know Malicious seeds I will sow I try to stop this compulsion History … Continue reading Rémission


Tunnel, dark and damp, empty, except for remorse Him, in the dire offal vomits, with all his force Every stone, carefully placed, lay prone, shit-faced Chrysalis of burden, Hate, lies, and pity Transformation Adaption to the shitty Internal cages, layered emotion, struggle to fail, suffering devotion Break through the walls, find disappointing reality Find the … Continue reading Megamorphosis

What the hell is a ‘hybrid author’?

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Yes, of course I poached Chuck Wendig’s brilliance from his article of the exact same name. But, to my credit, I did change my title slightly to reflect my amazing originality.

In a similar fashion to Wendig (God I am a poacher today), when I first came across the term ‘hybrid author’ I pictured something a little less than normal. For me, it was a science fiction writer with wings, a thick outer armour, an extra set of hands and the ability to never sleep. And I don’t know, maybe yellow eyes and vivid green dragon scales.

Realising my interpretation might be a tad fantastical, I sat down and did a bit of critical and creative reasoning (a.k.a terribleminds via google) and figured out that hybrid authors are pretty f—– brilliant.  Not only have they figured out that the publishing industry is changing at a rapid pace, but they have taken steps to…

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Comme je brûle, donc je me tiens

I do not presume to understand or know the future before it reaches me. I know the past all too well, and I understand the rhythmic repetition of themes throughout all time and my personal time on this ball of mud. I have seen good, bad, and indifferent, I have seen the cogs spin and … Continue reading Comme je brûle, donc je me tiens

Fruar Te Maneat, Hoc est meum Inferos

Many times over, people have said certain things to me and I always assumed that they were, in fact, talking about themselves, wrongly so. They would consistently put themselves down, such lacking self-worth, from people I looked at as great, with all their flaws. It seems a strange attraction I must have to these broken … Continue reading Fruar Te Maneat, Hoc est meum Inferos

Ex astris me comedunt, non itur ad astra.

He breathes easy, momentary respite is a pleasure rarely gained in his time. He walls off the last remaining doors to the center of this grand structure. His home, or at least the one for his heart, so that it may never bleed like it has before. Intricate and methodical, it is a prison, but … Continue reading Ex astris me comedunt, non itur ad astra.